Lisa Valencia, the founder of Primero Boxing, has decades of experience inside and outside the ring.
Lisa's father has been the inspiration behind her boxing career. She grew up watching her father train professional boxers, amateur boxers, and her older brothers. Of all her father's memorial experiences, including his work in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, California, remains the most special for her to this day.
Her boxing journey began in the male-dominated sport of boxing in the early '90s. She trained out of her cousin's boxing gym, Fist of Gold Boxing, in Pomona, California.  After years of serious training, Lisa's father received a call from boxing promoter Roy Englebrecht, out of Orange County. He needed a woman pro fighter. That's when her professional boxing career started at the age of 18. After a few more pro-fights under her belt, and at the age of 22, she stepped into the ring with two-time Golden Gloves champion, Alicia Doyle. They fought in this match like warriors! It was later hailed as a memorable event and acknowledged as the "California Female Fight of the Year." Years later, Alicia recounted the story in her book Fighting Chance, published in 2020

In 2013, she reignited her passion for boxing by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and establishing Valencia Boxing Camp in Lake Arrowhead, CA. This marked the beginning of her love for coaching. At the camp, she trained amateur and professional boxers and individuals interested in learning the sport. The camp also hosted two highly successful USA Amateur Boxing events in Lake Arrowhead, CA, known as "The Lakeside Rumble"!


A special and memorable moment for her was being able to offer a Kids Boxing Camp for non-profit boxing gyms.  Throughout her boxing career, she witnessed the struggles of inner-city youth and realized how a lack of resources keeps them from realizing their dreams.  So she decided to give something back to non-profit boxing gyms. Primero Boxing will offer 3% of every purchase back to organizations that are actively involved in nurturing these hidden talents and supporting this cause.